Hope and Cancer Research Fundraiser

2016-10-20 19:18:37 by Trackers

Trackers is proud to present "HOPE".

We enlisted 36 voices from around the world to sing the chorus of this epic, awesome track. Take a listen!

We've got some Newgrounds voices on here as well! There's @Khris , @RealFaction , @Sillytune  and @Troisnyx !!!

Because this song is about Hope, Trackers has decided to donate all profit from sales of this song in it's first month to The Kids Cancer Project. 

Buy the song here: https://trackersrock.bandcamp.com/track/hope 

Learn about The Kids Cancer Project here: https://www.thekidscancerproject.org.au/


In terms of the rest of our wonderful World Choir, we had so many accents going on individually that when I received the vocal tracks, I was overwhelmed with how this was going to come together... but putting them all on top of each other, like a wholesome voice orgy, they melted into one another and it just sounds epic! 


I'm going to include a list of everyone who was involved, because they totally deserve the credit whever this is posted!!

♫ ♬ Say hello to our World Choir ♫ ♬

Andrew Mar - USA 
Andy Miller - USA
Antonio Candelario - USA
Asmae Yadine - MOROCCO 
Carlos Strong - USA 
David Weise - USA 
Gabby Harper - USA 
Gene Single - UKRAINE 
Geosh Versieux Jr. - BRAZIL
Hajar Ouikene - MOROCCO
Ireneo Piccinini - ITALY
Jamesfastboy - USA
John - USA
Jonathan Duffy - ICELAND 
Joseph Kuligowski - USA 
Josh Cake - FRANCE 
Katalina Hinton - USA 
Khristophur - CANADA 
Kiyoshi Muyo - USA 
Liesi - AUSTRIA 
Melanie Isabelle - CANADA 
Michael - USA 
Morgan Ireland - UK 
Nikolett Pinezits - HUNGARY 
Patrick Alfonzo - USA 
Real Faction - USA 
Sillytune - SERBIA
Sophie Campbell - AUSTRALIA 
Spencer Schiere - CANADA
Steve Vitabile - USA 
Tauri Ramst - ESTONIA 
Torma Tamas - HUNGARY
Troisnyx - UK 

Thanks for listening! Remember to buy the track so we can donate as much as possible to The Kids Cancer Project! Also remember to share the video, like the and comment, all the social media things. And if you want to spread the word, share the video on your facebook and tag Trackers. We'll send you either the song HOPE for Free, or if you've already bought it, another one of our tracks that you want! Just let us know! 


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