Entry #8

Ghost In The Shell "Inner Universe" Cover

2017-03-17 00:41:43 by Trackers

Hey there NG!


Here's our cover of "Inner Universe", the theme to Ghost In The Shell:Stand Alone Complex!  Originally performed by Origa (RIP) and composed by Yoko Kanno.  Hania had to sing in Russian, Latin & English to get this one done right!


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2017-03-17 22:16:40

I really liked from around 2:20 to the end. I wasn't a huge fan of the melody breakdown at the very end though. I don't hear a lot of covers of this song so it was interesting, but one with Hania nonetheless.... How could I not listen to it? :P

Trackers responds:

Thanks. It was def a challenge to cover this track, but a lot of fun!


2017-03-18 08:30:43

Killer work guys! :D